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Tamer is the human who creates or befriends an imaginary friend, taking care of it, training or making it happier.


Former Tamers/Inactive Tamers[]

Most of the tamers forget or abandon their partners or simply don't want more to play with them. Some of them give up because of racism against them. Calling we crazy, laughing,etc.

Current Tamers[]

A very little amount of tamers exist in this world nowadays, due to many problems. But the imaginary world thank those brave and faithful men, who fight to continue their taming legacy.

Reasons For Giving Up[]


Most kids that have passed the 10 year old and is still a tamer are discriminated in school, being nicknamed "crazy", but they are not crazy. They do have a gift. The gift of imagination.

Making Real Friends[]

This is the famous "forget". The child should make real friends.&nbsp In this role, often the imaginary friend is forget.

Idea Ending[]

This sometimes happen when the kid gets tired from playing with his friend.


  • Have or create a imaginary friend
  • Make it happy!
  • Teach what you want to him
  • Manipulate hounka/mushi power

This is a very important item.this power can be manifestated via cards or charms.It variates as equipment or can make yours better or bigger.

  • Ask a tamer more experienced than you

This is really uncommon, because there are'nt so much tamers, but we can be found somewhere around this world.