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Created by many poké-maniacs,the pokemon world is where humans and pokemons live peacefully.the pokemon series is passin' through 4 major lands.Their economy turns around pokemon leagues and battles.


The pokemon world is made of 5 oficial leagues.


Great Pokemon League (kanto,johto,hoenn,nahrta and sinnoh) The most important league of the world.Most of the employees are from the pokemon anime(Road of a trainer is the name there.{YES, PEOPLE FROM THE POKEWORLD WATCH IT.THATS WHAT YOU HEARD})GPL is the most watched tv show there,leaving road of a trainer,NPW, cookin time,etc. behind.


North pokemon wrestling (npw area) The newest league of Was made after Pokeworld bought a land in the north of naruto world.The dominant type of match is the wrestling ones.


West Pokemon championship (sheaffer,recrut,canith,nahrta) A league situated in the extreme West(the map posted previously doesnt show a big part of west continents,but the people who created those continents werent identified yet.

Pokemon East battles[]

(chaos,sevii and orange archipelago) A league properly made in island,where the shows are made in beach arenas.(the map Known imaginary world is upside down)

Snow Mountains Association[]

(Camden,kunoh,seno,tinara) Extremely cold regions,created by a person known by kisumon in dreamland.The pokemons there are mostly of ice type.