Gnaw Dark Physical

Bites the foe for 2-3 turns. User then becomes confused.

Wyvern Song Dragon Status

User sings an ethereal tune. Raises users Special Attack by 1 and lowers targets Defence by 1.  

Radiation Electric Status

The field is bathed in greenish-yellow light. Hurts all but electric and ground type pokemon for 5 turns.

Tender Cuddle Fairy Physical

The target receives a gentle hug. 20% chance of inflictling the attraction status.

Shock Blade Electric Physical

Cuts the target with a charged sword. high critical hit ratio. 10% chance of paralysis.

Stun Step Electric Physical

Stomps the foe with an electrically-charged foot.

Defiant Call Fighting Status

The user yells loudly to raise all its stats by 2.

Quad Attack Normal Special

A beam of four colours is shot at the foe. 50% chance of causing paralysis, burning, freezing or poisoning. 

Cheeky Slap Fairy Physical 

The target is sharply smacked with an open hand. Causes double damage if target is of the opposite gender. 

Slime Headbutt Poison Physical

The user rams their slime-covered head into the enemy.

Bad Breath Poison Special

User sends out a foul-smelling wind. Damages foe and may make them flinch. 

Branch Pummel Grass Physical

Hits the target with a massive tree limb 2-3 times.

Pebble Toss Rock Special

Flings a small stone at the foe. It never misses.

Metal Weight Steel Physical

A massive iron block is dropped onto the foe. High critical hit ratio.

Shimmer Fairy Status

User raises evasion and defence by 1.

Wet Fist Water Physical

Punches the foe with a fist covered in water. Damage is doubled if used during Rain Dance.

Earth Spires Ground Special

Spikes burst from the ground to stab the target.   

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