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This is the list of Pokémon (in numerical order) from the fanmade games CoalBlack and PlumPurple, which were created by RussTech Ltd.

No. Minicac Grass

No. Cactall Grass

No. Cactower Grass

No. Banglet Fire

No. Boomoid Fire

No. Burstace Fire

No. Bubblump Water

No. Foamboss Water

No. Frothuperb Water

No. Hypnillar Bug

No. Chryslmind Bug/Psychic

No. Flynosis Bug/Psychic

No. Leapug Bug

No. Boingcust Bug

No. Chirpovel Normal/Flying

No. Falcoblade Normal/Flying

No. Hedjkid Normal

No. Echidnout Normal

No. Geodude Rock/Ground 

No. Graveler Rock/Ground

No. Golem Rock/Ground

No. Watagouti Normal/Water

No. Grumstone Rock/Dark

No. Scantenna Steel/Electric

No. Fluttabolt Steel/Electric

No. Yetisan Ice 

No. Cuboxic Poison

No. Leonoxus Poison

No. Abra Psychic 

No. Kadabra Psychic

No. Alakazam Psychic

No. Turkretin Dark/Flying

No. Psyduck Water

No. Golduck Water

No. Majduck Water

No. Qwilfish Water/Poison

No. Qwilfury Water/Poison

No. Placotooth Rock/Water

No. Fangodus Rock/Water

No. Thermspyke Rock/Fire

No. Barbesharp Rock/Fire

No. Lizetch Normal

No. Wattwyrm Dragon/Electric

No. Hydroltage Dragon/Electric

No. Bombitund Bug/Flying

No. Copteroot Grass/Flying

No. Whirlypalm Grass/Flying

No. Thundrough Electric/Fighting

No. Lickibop Normal

No. Lickitung Normal

No. Lickilicki Normal

No. Fishelody Water

No. Impalf Ghost/Dark

No. Bullplasm Ghost/Dark

No. Beametal Steel/Psychic

No. Handappy Normal

No. Multytarsk Normal

No. Emuspeed Electric/Ground

No. Velostrich Electric/Ground

No. Zubat Poison/Flying

No. Golbat Poison/Flying

No. Crobat Poison/Flying 

No. Monostamp Normal

No. Goblisoak Ghost/Water  

No. Misnoyz Ghost

No. Misdreavus Ghost

No. Mismagius Ghost

No. Misinerate Ghost/Fire

No. Workoutz Normal

No. Tennash Fire/Normal

No. Owzatt Electric/Normal

No. Skeez Ice/Normal

No. Snipikiri Ghost/Water

No. Herasweet Bug

No. Heracross Bug/Fighting

No. Vainbill Normal/Flying

No. Terrglance Ghost/Dark

No. Powastare Ghost/Dark

No. Astrogeist Ghost/Steel

No. Cosmogaunt Ghost/Steel

No. Spifluff Bug/Grass

No. Girafarig Normal/Psychic

No. Okabrovas Normal/Psychic

No. Punchulp Fighting

No. Eevee Normal

No. Vaporeon Water

No. Jolteon Electric

No. Flareon Fire

No. Espeon Psychic

No. Umbreon Dark

No. Quarreon Ground

No. Iguanoose Normal

No. Studeweed Grass/Fighting

No. Botanasty Grass/Fighting

No. Folianger Grass/Fighting

No. Chinchou Water/Electric

No. Lanturn Water/Electric

No. Swimescent Water/Electric

No. Devwing Dark/Flying

No. Jersevil Dark/Flying

No. Masteratu Dark/Psychic

No. Snaicold Ice

No. Blizzopod Ice/Steel

No. Hideblepas Normal

No. Lamsoar Electric/Flying

No. Emigramp Electric/Flying

No. Mongethorm Ground

No. Horrisky Ghost/Flying

No. Perflap Grass/Flying

No. Dismalice Dark/Fire

No. Voltorb Electric

No. Electrode Electric

No. Sfearzap Electric/Dark

No. Munchlax Normal

No. Snorlax Normal

No. Smacklax Normal/Fighting

No. Staryu Water

No. Starmie Water/Psychic

No. Starvem Water

No. Clamperl Water

No. Huntail Water

No. Gorebyss Water

No. Anfinchor Water

No. Stalactop Rock

No. Stalatroll Rock

No. Stalagrex Rock/Dragon