Imagination Wiki

Radiation Type Electric Status The field is bathed with radioactive light, damages all pokemon except for non-electrics for 5 turns.

Pebble Toss Type Rock Physical Small stones hit the target for 2 to 5 turns.

Quad Attack Type Normal Special The user fires a multicolored beam at the target. 30% chance of Poison, Paralysis, Burn or Freeze.

Slime Headbutt Type Poison Physical The user charges head first into the opponent. Has a 20% chance of poisoning.

Scream Type Dark Status User unleashes a dreadful shriek. Lowers the target's speed and accuracy 1 point.

Power Tusk Type Normal Physical The target is stabbed with massive tusks. The users defense is lowered 1 point.

Cheeky Slap Type Fairy Physical The user strikes the foe with a palm. Damage is doubled if the target is of the opposite gender.