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The imaginary world is where everything you have just dreamed, thought or invented came.It is the land where your former imaginary friends go after their abandon,or your current imaginary friends live there.

===Abandon ===

most of people may abandon or forget their friends.They go to the imaginary world to restart their lives without his Tamer The dreamland university of statistic calculated that only 2%of the people who have ever imaginated someone still have them. Only 1/4 of the abandonated or forgotten friends die after their abandon/forget.So its probably we will found yours there!


Where do you think the ideas of making animations,movies,characters etc go after they are made into the creator`s mind?Your favorite movie or cartoon character is there!

Interdimensional features[]

Every human has the aura,and a very flatshape named IDP(inter- dimensional power)where you can use it for entering in the dreamland creating imaginary things or friends,it has 3 levels:

  • White IDP:lowest level.People who cant believe often have this IDP
  • Purple/blue IDP:medium level.Kids until the age of 7 have this,but

almost anyone keep it after 8 years old.

  • Golden IDP:highest level.Is believed that only 12 people have it,

that lets seeing,touching,feelind,smelling imaginary things. The only time for decide it is when you have 7 years old,where you must proove that you really wants the blue IDP.The twelve "goldsuns" are born with it.

Dreamland´s geology[]

All imaginated worlds cities appear there,somewhere.Related places tend to be close to each other. Most of the part has cities surrounded by mountains,swamps or forest so its possible to we finding your land there!


When sleeping or meditating you can focus in entering the land,but you need to have some things:

  • creating a personality
    • Imagine you,but the way that you want or as someone or any

character you may like.

    • having IDP enough
  • Creating a name(any you like)
  • An age
    • this cant be changed after it

So,if you believe,you´ll dream with it.I don´t know if you can,but some people can.Remember:all your dreams or nightmares happen there.


in the dreamland,we have a very different life.If at one time you realized that you should change your routine,here we have a new adventure everyday,but life is similar in earth,but its more amusing because of the different(sometimes bizarre)places we got.


For the humans,here the death never comes.You can be unconscicious, only.If your imaginary friend die,you may talk with a goldsun,only he or she can revive it,or you can make another one and start all over.


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This is a stub of the known parts of the imaginary world that i made.See also:known imaginary world