Hounka/mushi power is used by the "Imaginary friends" or tamer with their power.

Hounka creatures

The known imaginary friends have 12% of hounka in the formation. If the r-type virus catch in them,its common they touch things but it has to be controled by the goldsuns.


It means that hounka is some energy that's discredited:most of humans can't touch, feel,smell or see.The bad ones can confuse people's mind,but mostly they can't do nothing,the good friends give you inner peace. Goldsuns mantain enormous hounka energy and are in charge of mantaining peace between humans and the imaginaries.They have their bodies adapted to full perception of these energy.Nega hounka discharges dosen't affect these people,because the Sun god gave them this immunity so their autencity are proven. It's pure energy which is believed to be composed of electromagnetical waves,which move without the need of Matter,in a frequency which most humans can't feel entirely.

Mushi power

There are many of them in the world.For each person in the world there are 3 mushi source flying.They are used to enhance your Own friend.

Picking these sources

Any eletronic gear can gather 1 of them.Sometimes common cellphones can store one.You can turn them in cards or charms.


Upgrading eleronic gear you can pass the cards into them and put into use. The charms need pointing to the friend,Light and enough IDP.

Having your own friend

If you want him a pet,You'll have to feed him.A Racional mushi will take care of himself.It's just teach it.


Ask another tamer for help.


These creatures tend to fell lonely without their tamer,and abandoning will make them angry.But,playing with them will make a better mooded mushi.

Types of mushi


Is a kind of imaginary friend that needs more care.Feed,Give him bath,everything that a real pet need.


A friend that do things without help,just as humans do.

Spectral Djinn

Act like ghouls.Can pass walls,Tamers,etc.Has 2 Forms.A touchable and an untouchble.Needs morwe IDP to be created.

Master made

Goldsuns are the only to make them.They have the golden IDP in Their DNA.


The levels of a mushi.It determinates how many times a tamer can upgrade your partner.

  • Basic

It is already made in basic stage

  • Mature

When it is upgraded just 1 time

  • Perfect

When it is upgraded 2 times

  • ultimate

When It is upgraded 3 times


Scientific or spiritual theories behind the Hounka power.

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