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Hogwarts is the land of the witches,where people from Harry Potter series reside.The biggest area is the castle of Hogwarts,located in the middle of the "country".The witchcraft school of hogwarts is the main activity of the entire hogwarts.The doors of the castle are currently closed for maintance,the activities in Hogwarts are known to begin in February 7th,2011.

The castle[]

The hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry takes place right on the middle of Hogwarts,with&nbs a very wide lake nearby and mountains in the other side.The school chooses a interested Tamer who sent a letter in the period of signing for the classes.This happens once a year,but only one tamer is chosen.The school has 4 houses,Griffindor,slytherin,Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.


Many things changed since 1998-(End of the series)

Changes between 1998 and 2011[]

  • Many professors retired.Now,Hogwarts has passed through a difficult period,where there wasn't much teachers for the School.Everything is stable and prospering now.
  • The Tamer choosing process has made more 10 people join in.The choosing process is now closed,waiting for Summer 2011,when Human tamers may send their letters and hope being chosen.
  • A shop settled,selling the best wares for the mages.
  • New dragons were brought there,like a couple of Wyverns,A chinese dragon,A quasar,and an Sea dragon.
  • More mystical creatures were brought in 2004,and again in 2010,for special classes of some sort of Biology.
  • The castle mantained the size.It's 20% bigger than in 1998
  • Hogwarts castle updated its defense system,after The darkness riots in 2010
  • The number of students increased,many more people came from other worlds come and study there.
  • Some professors removed their brief and washed it.