Taking the biscuit

The following morning the trio ate sandwiches and soda, thanked the centre staff and set off to the west of town. After several hours passing through fields he came across a quaint cottage with a garden full of berry trees. Suddenly Jerome's stomach growled. "Hmm I wonder if the owner would mind giving me some food" he mused, before walking up the path to press the doorbell. He waited for 2 minutes until the door slowly opened. " Good day, so sorry for distur.." he began, but faltered as he found himself looking at the elderly woman he helped the day before. "Well I never, she said, "it's good to see you again young man. Please do come in and have a cuppa". So Jerome entered, put down his rucksack and followed her indoors to the sitting room. It had a green carpet, a small wooden table with three chairs, a tv on a glass cabinet filled with figurines and jewellery, and two armchairs facing a small fire that blazed away. Jerome smiled as he saw the Wurmple dozing in a small wicker basket in the far corner.

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