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The plane number 812 from honoa airlines had came through a warp portal to Earth in the country of switerziland to come to the Brazilian Interdimensional fail. It vanished in the same date plane 477 from france did, leading to controversy and suspect of interdimensional fail and the belief that a hounka made plane crashed with a common plane. Causing many theories for the Tamer community, but later proving everything was just a coincidence.

Before the accident[]

5 Hours before the accident[]

The pilot got ready to fly, the entire tripulation were in the plane. The warp portal was open. 15 minutes later 812 was in Switerziland, flying to Brazil. When they left the switerziland territory everything was fine. "Here everything is fine. We left Switerziland." said the pilot to the command center. Minutes later, the pilot stated that an old lady were screaming: "We're going to fall!" The pilot thought ridiculous and reported this to the command center.

3 hours before the accident[]

Passing through france,Everything was ok,although the bad climate stated by the pilot,they continued the flight. Strangely,The inter dimensional relation was getting so hard,that the clocks stopped working.Every watch of his the tribulation stopped.

1 and a half hour before the accident[]

At this time,the command center lost the communication with the pilot.But,The radar used in the command center continued working,So they could know where they were.

30 minutes before the accident[]

The radar Stopped working.

The accident[]

The most used suggestion based on the information that the command center could research,The pilot of 447 was beside 812.447 turned right (or left) because the 477's pilot was a regular human who couldn't see theHounka plane beside him,hitting the 812. Strangely,the interdimensional shock was so though that made the impact be felt by the 2 planes. Each one of them dissapeared,or probably fell,with a 78 degree inclination from the point of crash of each.Probably 477 fell 160 km from an island which The Imaginary world research center don't know wh the name.812 probably fell between Africa and europe.

The final veredict[]

In january 17th,2011,much time after the accident,the remains of the 812 were found in the Imaginary world.This proved that many suppositions and calculations were wrong,and the plane actually fell in an other place,a discredited site in Dreamland.Tamers conferenced and Team delta of Mystical investigation had to design a new theory.The final veredict they elaborated was simple,the two planes left in the same day and vanished in the same day by plain coincidence.Here is the Statement by Team delta:

We of Team delta are sorry to say that we followed the wrong clues all this time long.We then later found out that everything was just a coincidence,the remains we thought that were 477's were from 812,and this led much controversy.Two planes leaving and vanishing on the same day,with the crossing routes,were not related by any means.Bad climate caused the crash,simply as this.